1850-1859 timeline for Orford township

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1850-01-01 – Under the auspices of the Baldwin Act (Ch. 1, Canada Statutes), the new system of municipal government was inaugurated. The Council elected included the names of Daniel Morehouse (subsequently elected the first Reeve of Orford township), Duncan McLaren, Arch. Walker, John Stewart, and Francis Johnston. [1]

1850-07-19 – The 1st Kent Battalion (Sedentary Battalions, Upper Canada) was formed, drawing on men in the townships of Orford and Howard; Lieut.-Colonel George Duck of Morpeth, commanding. [2]

1851 – The Moravian Indians had about 350 acres of the river flats in cutlivation. [1]

1851-01-11 – 1851 census of the township of Orford.

1853 – David H. Gesner was succeeded in the Clerkship of Orford by his son, John H. Gesner, who was the incumbent in this office until 1865. [1]

1856 – Baptist church built at Duart, of frame construction, size 30 x 50, at a cost of $800, seated 400; Rev. Archibald Campbell, minister. [2]

1857 – Post-office established at Duart; James Tait, postmaster. [1],[2]

1857-04-09 – A second surrender (the previous one having taken place in 1836) was made by the Moravian Indians of all their land save the block on which they still reside, consisting of Lots to 15 between the twelfth concession and the Thames river. The list of settler names associated with the portion so released included Marcus, Sussex, Donald, Grant, and Parker in the east, and Brown, Norton, McFarlane, and Richardson in the west. [1],[3]

1857-11-14 – Rose of Orford Temple society organized at Duart. [2]

c.1858 – Map of the Niagara & Detroit Rivers Railway (excerpt)

1858 – John Stewart Gesner was the Returning Officer of Orford township for the provincial election. The township returned 100 votes, and the County of Kent returned Mr. McKellar the winner over Mr. Larwill. [4]

1858-10-28 – By command of His Excellency the Governor General and Commander in Chief, Lieut.-Colonel D. MacDonell, Deputy Adjutant General of Militia for Upper Canada, directed that the First Battalion of Militia, County of Kent, should comprise the township of Orford, only. [5]



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