1830-1839 timeline for Orford township

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Unknown date – Clearville was laid out as a village by Samuel Smith, Esq. [1]

c.1830 – George Henry came to Orford township. [2]

1830–1836 – Settlements made by the Canada Company on Crown Reserve lands in Orford township.

1831 – George Henry built the first mill in Orford township—a grist mill on the Lake Shore on Lot 61. Duncan McLaren established a saw mill on the creek traversing Lot 52, adjoining the Aldborough town line. [2]
... Note—When the 1851 census [3] was enumerated, Duncan McLaren held Lot 53, and according to Orford township map no. 21-2 (drawn in October, 1851) [4], Lot 53 was, indeed, the site of a saw mill.

1830s – A school house was erected on the bank of Clear Creek, south of Talbot Street, where David Herring was schoolmaster. At Duart, T.A. McLean erected an extensive steam saw mill and other branches of industry connected with the timber trade. James Tait opened the first store in the village of Duart. [2]

1831/2 – Post-office established at Clearville; David S. Baldwin, postmaster. [1],[2] Note—The first source cites 1832, the latter, 1831.

1836 – A treaty was made with the Moravian Indians, “by the terms of which they surrendered about thirty-six square miles of their territory in return for an annuity of £150.” [2]

1837 – The General Return of the Population of the Western District recorded 10,741 people in the County of Kent, 481 of whom resided in the township of Orford. Of the Orford inhabitants:

  • 131 were males under the age of sixteen years;
  • 113 were females do.;
  • 123 were males over the age of sixteen; and
  • 114 were females do. [5]



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