1810-1819 timeline for Orford township

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1813-10-04 – The Moravians’ village on the north shore of the Thames river was burned by the Americans under General Harrison. The defenders were defeated, and Tecumseh was killed in the skirmish. [1]

c.1816 – The first survey of the southern portion of Orford township was made, and a double tier of lots were laid out, one on either side of what was called (in 1880) Talbot Street.

1816 – In spring, the first settler to the township was John Bury, who located at the mouth of Clear Creek on the shore of Lake Erie. [1]

1817 – David S. Baldwin, John Kitchen, and Samuel Burns settled in the area Lots 58 north and south, and 54, respectively—all near that place which would become the village of Clearville. [1]

1817 – The Moravian community numbered 167 Indians of the Delaware and Iroquois tribes. [1]



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