1700-1799 timeline for Orford township

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1788-07-24 – The District of Hesse was established by Proclamation. The District “consisted of the area of Upper Canada west of a line drawn north from Long Point.” [1]

1790-05-19 – Transfer and grant of lands in southwestern Ontario by the Chiefs of the Chippewa, Ottawa, Pottawattamie, and Wyandott, including that part which would later become known as Orford township, to the Crown via the agency of Alexander McKee, Esquire, Deputy Agent of Indian Affairs. [2]

1792 – The District of Hesse was renamed the Western District under Upper Canada Statutes 1792, Chapter 8. [1]

1793-07-10 – By an Order in Council, a tract of about 50,000 acres flanking the river Thames was granted to the Moravian Indians. [3]

1795-02-26 – A survey of the Moravian tract was ordered, and the land appropriated to trustees of the Moravian Society, to be reserved forever to the society in trust, for the sole use of Indian converts. [3]



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