These pages reflect a long term project to develop a comprehensive collection of online resources devoted to local history studies of the township of Orford in Kent County, Ontario.

Links will open in the Resources section as work progresses.

If you wish to contribute transcripts of historic documents, copies of maps, illustrations, or photographs, please use the contact form to reach the editor. Donated transcripts or other materials must be either out of copyright (that is, in the public domain) or copyright to yourself (and submitted with your written permission to publish on this website). Credit (or attribution) will always be given to donors, sources, and references.

A few notes about the scope and use of materials found on this site:

  • This project is undertaken by an individual, not an organization.
  • This site is under development on a not-for-profit, voluntary basis.
  • The website features no adverts.
  • Please cite the source references for any material used.

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